Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

“Experience Christ: Share the Experience.”

Simply put, the mission here at GPC is to “Experience Christ. Share the Experience.” When we say “experience Christ,” what we mean is to have an intimate personal relationship with Jesus. To “Share the Experience” is to fellowship with others of like mind and to introduce friends and neighbors to a relationship with Jesus.

Our Vision

Grow: We grow in Christ by developing a closer relationship with Him. We do this by growing through the Word and in prayer. We challenge everyone here at GPC to persue that relationship with Jesus in prayer and by getting into His Word on a daily basis. No matter if you enjoy reading His Word as a devotional or an intense study, we challenge everyone to grow in Christ through Word and prayer. Along with Bible reading and prayer, we challenge everyone to grow in Christ through other spiritual disciplines such as fasting, solitude, serving, fellowship, and worship.

Proclaim: The idea behind “proclaim” has two components: proclaim to God and about Him. We proclaim to God in worship. We can worship God in song anytime as individuals or as a body of believers. The other component of “proclaim” is that we proclaim to others about God. This can be done in a number of ways –  telling how you came to know Christ (your testimony), praying with others, and sharing God’s Word with others.

Connect: We desire for everyone to connect with others inside of Christ. We encourage everyone at GPC to do this through small groups, Sunday School, worship service, The Thrid Wednesday lunch, and simply connecting with one another throughout the week.