May 27, 2022

Are you excited for the Summer? I know I am! I love eating outside, grilling as much as possible and being active outdoors! Winter is a hard time for me at least. But as the weather changes, I can just feel myself getting more excited and longing to have more time outside!

Along with the change in weather, we have some exciting transitions coming up at the Church, specifically with regards to Sunday School and our Sermon Series during our time of worship. Let’s go ahead and take a few moments to talk about what to expect!

For Sunday School, we are going to have one combined class, taught by myself and the elders. This will be called The City of God and will be about the basics of our faith! You can expect to have your faith deepened as we open up God’s word together and look at what we believe. Whether you’ve been a believer for 90 years, for 90 days, or you haven’t put your faith in Christ, this class will be beneficial for everyone! We’ll have a time of teaching, time for discussion and time for prayer during this hour.

Following Sunday School, we’ll have our normal service, but we’ll have a summer sermon series. We’ve been going through the Book of Acts, but we are going to transition for the summer months. Our series for this summer is called The Body of Christ and is going to look at both God’s design for the church, but also what God wants from each of us! This will be an exciting examination of how God has designed and ordered the Church and also of how the Holy Spirit is actively shaping each and everyone of us!

With this in mind, we can’t wait for you to join us for our summer fun starting on June 5!

Pastor Daniel

May 26, 2022
Dear Brothers and Sisters of Golden’s Point Church,

This morning I find myself disappointed by the world around us and grieving the heinous loss of life and horrifying consequences of sinful actions. Yesterday, there was a school shooting in Texas, on May 14, in Buffalo, New York there was a grocery store that was targeted. In the midst of all of this, there are human rights atrocities around the world, whether in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cameroon, China or other places. All around us, evil seems to be too great to overcome.
Human tragedy is something that has been around since the beginning of sin in the world. Yet, that does not make it any easier to swallow. Whether it’s loss of a loved one, or a tragic event like the ones I listed above, it is easy to find ourselves wondering what the purpose of all of this is. It can seem like there is absolutely no point to this and that God doesn’t care. After all, why would a good God allow such evil, such blatant and inarguable evil, to exist in the world?
As hard as it can be for us to understand, it’s important that we look to scripture for the answer. Well, first, let’s make sure we define what evil is. In the truest sense of the word, evil is anything that isn’t purely good. The only things that are purely good are those that are holy and without sin. In other words, we all do things that are evil because evil is tied directly to our sinful nature. To put this one other way, Adam made a choice in the garden to sin against God and because of that, we are faced with the problems that we see in our world today.
But as straightforward as that may sound, I can’t help but think, “Why can’t we fix evil?” Truthfully, there is no easy answer, but before we address what we can do, I want to address this question. Simply put, we are incapable of fixing evil because evil is something that is all around us. Evil is something that we ourselves are guilty of whenever we sin! I find myself thinking about a quote from Forrest Gump. Forrest is talking to his true love Jenny and he says, “Stupid is as stupid does.” In the same way that “stupid is as stupid does,” we are sinful and sinners do as sin does! In other words, we can’t fix sin because we aren’t holy! There’s only been one who is holy and that is Jesus! So, then the answer of what we do with the evil all around us has to go back to Jesus.
Romans 5 addresses this in verse 19. Paul writes, “For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.” The first time Paul says, “one man,” he is talking about Adam; but the second time is the man who brings us glorious hope. The second man mentioned is Jesus, the Son of God who can bring true hope! Jesus can defeat evil and we know from the book of Revelation that Jesus will defeat evil in the end.
I love that we can cling to the promise of Jesus’ eternal victory, but what can we do now about these horrendous issues? I think it all starts in prayer. We can go to the Lord in prayer calling out and asking for his guidance and what he would want us to do! We can go to the Lord asking for his protection and praying for those who are suffering! Our God hears us and is faithful! So, to summarize, as the world tries to figure out what to do with these evil events and heinous mistreatment of God’s creation, let’s get on our knees and pray! Let’s cling to our savior during these hard times, just as we do the good times. Truly only in Jesus is there hope!

Pastor Daniel